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Ear Cropping



It is always difficult to find a vet that knows how to crop. It is even more difficult to find one that does it amazingly well. Moving to a new province, we were presented with this problem but, we were lucky enough to be referred to a wonderful vet named Dr. Suzanne Marcil.

Dr. Marcil is located in Howick, Quebec and although it is two hours away from our home, we now consider her our vet and take our dogs to her for their general care as well as for any ear cropping needed. Our puppies are cropped before they go home. If you would like a natural eared puppy, this can be discussed.

If you are considering cropping your dogs ears, please contact Dr. Marcil,she truly is an artist. Visit Dr. Marcil's website.

Pictured, are two puppies Dr. Marcil cropped in past Devonquest litters.

Cropped Ear Care

Young puppies

The following videos demonstrate how to tape the ears of a young puppy.

Needed Materials

TIP:  If you see your puppy's ear(s) tipping inward, the ear may be developing a "pocket". You will need to modify your ear taping method by using a bumper, until the ear stands straight again.

Older puppies


Once your puppy's ears have become longer than the length of a tampon, you will need to modify how you create the tube that goes in the puppy's ear.

Instead of using a tampon, insert backer rod into your puppy's ear and cut it to the correct length. Cover the backer rod with 2 layers of duct tape to make it stiff, leaving the bottom 3/4 inch free of tape, so as not to irritate the puppy's ear canal.

Back-roll the rod using zonas porous tape as in videos above, and continue as you would normally. Photos of the backer rod taping can be found here.

Needed Materials

TIP:  If your puppy's ears are strong and only the tips are curling out, you may want to use skin bond and breathe right strips to keep the tips straight.

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