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Devonquest Reg'd Doberman Pinchers

The History of Devonquest

Although we always had a dog in the house, I acquired my first dog, that was truly my own and not just the family pet, at age 9. She was a Brittany Spaniel named Lady. Looking back, my parents did everything wrong when choosing a puppy. She had not been socialized at all, was scared of everything, and was the last puppy left in the litter. The breeders were of the backyard variety and kept the entire litter in the basement away from any sights or sounds they might have encountered in their adult lives. My parents of course fell in love with Lady, she was trembling in their arms, and just wanted to be cuddled. They were sold, and Lady came to live with us. Given her background, Lady did well. I enrolled her in beginner obedience classes, and was hooked from the first day. So began my passion in the obedience ring. I managed to get a Companion Dog title on Lady, but that is as far as she could go. She was terrified in the ring and it was not enjoyable for her to compete, so we did not try for any further titles.

Reno and her puppies

Once I was out on my own, and long after the days of Lady, I acquired my first real obedience dog. He was a Sheltie named Oki. Oki was a wonderful dog that did everything he could to please me. Unfortunately, when he was just a pup, while visiting a family member's house, he was bitten by an older dog and the injury severed all the nerve endings in the right side of his face leading to his brain. Even though Oki sustained this injury at 4 months of age, he was a wonderful boy who did his best... but his injury would come back to haunt us both. Oki attained his CD in his first 3 trials and brought home High in Trial that same weekend. He quickly finished his CDX in only 4 attempts and began working on his UD title. During his UD training he was also being trained in tracking and agility, both of which he loved. Oki also became a Therapy Dog and earned his CGC title. As the years progressed Oki became aggressive and would lunge at the other dogs in the household, often attacking walls, or shadows. It was determined that the injury from his youth was taking its toll. Separation, drugs, muzzling, many attempts were made to keep him integrated in the household, but Oki's aggression had reached an alarming state and I had to make the decision to have Oki euthanized. I do not regret my decision, but hope never to have to make it again.

In 1995 acquired my first Doberman, she was a beautiful girl, purchased at 9 months of age. She was the first dog I ever purchased with the intention of showing in the conformation ring. "Reno", CH Adobe's Gamblers Dream CD, CGC, TT, ROMC, ThD earned many titles. She was a wonderful tempered girl who later went on to become the foundation bitch for my kennel, Devonquest Reg'd Doberman Pinschers. Reno was bred in the winter of 1999 to Ch Royolyn Guilty As Charged and produced 6 puppies through emergency c-section. 1 was stillborn, 4 males and 1 female were in perfect health. I decided to keep the lone female and called her "Freedom", CH Devonquests Jury's Acquittal TT. Reno's first litter did extremely well, better than I could have ever imagined for my first litter. "Devon", BIS CH Devonquests Misdemeanor CD, CGC went on to win a Best In Show, was #12 in the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada Top 20 for conformation and earned his CD and CGC titles. Freedom earned her Championship and Temperament Title (TT). "Zeke", Devonquests Change of Suit, excelled in agility and was #17 on the Doberman Pinscher Club of America's Top 20 Agility Dogs. "Vandal", Devonquests Midnight Vandal earned his CGC and 2 legs towards his CD. The litter was more than I could have ever hoped for. Great dogs, earning titles, and amazing owners.

The next year, I chose to breed Reno again and was not as lucky. Again, Reno had to have an emergency c-section which prompted me to have her spayed at the same time. She had 2 puppies, 1 stillborn, and 1 female. Topaz was the singleton pup's name, and she went on to live in a wonderful pet home on Vancouver Island.


Reno began to have health issues after her spay. She became incontinent soon after being spayed and within 10 months of having her last litter, while playing outside, she went to sleep under a tree never to wake again. I do not know what happened to Reno, unfortunately I did not have a necrospy performed. Looking back, I should have, and I know I did the breed an injustice by not having one done. I have since learned that 5 other dogs from Reno's litter all died in the same manner. All very young, no more than 6 years old. I felt, and still do feel, that Cardio took my Reno and her littermates, although because the necrospy was never done, I will never be certain. Even though Reno had been involved in the Holter Monitor Study with Dr O'Grady in Guelph, there were no signs when holtering of this disease in her. But because of her fate, and the fate of so many of her littermates, I chose to dissolve the lines I had worked in creating. I had Freedom spayed and placed in a pet home. It was a hard decision to make, dissolving something I had worked years to achieve, but the one thing that kept running through my mind was: 'It doesn't matter if you've created Best in Show dogs with lots of titles and great temperaments... if they don't have longevity, the titles don't mean a thing.' Some say that I reacted too harshly, but I know what it felt like to lose a dog at the young age of 5, and could not bear to breed dogs that might share the same fate. So, the decision was made, the line dissolved and I became dogless for the first time in my life.


I remained in contact with Doberman people, watched who was winning and who was breeding to whom. I knew I wanted to get back into Dobermans, but knew I wanted to take my time for just the right breeding. It took 3 years of waiting for the right breeding, and then it finally happened. Carolyn Irvine of Royolyn Reg'd Dobermans was doing the breeding that I had waited for. Carolyn had discussed this breeding with me years before and I had told her that if she ever did breed her bitch, Ch Royolyn Summer Shade, to Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash, I wanted in. When Carolyn finally told me, 3 years later, that it was to take place my name was first on the list for pick bitch. I waited with anticipation for the day to arrive, for my little girl to show her face. A week prior to their birth, I spoke to Carolyn and told her I had had a change of heart. I had decided that I wanted pick male instead. I don't know why I changed my mind, I only knew that I wanted to pursue breeding from the other side of the fence this time, by being a stud owner. So it was decided that I would get pick male out of this litter. The blessed day came, and boy am I glad I had a change of heart! 4 males were born, no females. I took home a lovely boy which I named "Utah", CH Royolyn Anasazi WAC, CGN, which means "ancient people of Utah." He finished his Canadian Championship in limited showing and had a Best Puppy in Group to his credit as well as a Best in Breed over top specials. Utah obtained his WAC title and CGN in 2004 and pursued a CD in the obedience ring and tried his nose at tracking.

Two years after getting Utah, we acquired pick female out of Am Ch Kalora's Latin Sensation x Apt To B Seventh Heaven. "Chanel", BPIS Ch Kalora's N The Zone V Cheriden, fit in quite nicely into our home and developed into a stunning female. Chanel finished her Championship as a puppy with multiple Best Puppy in Group wins, and also made us proud with a Best Puppy in Show.

In November 2006, I once again threw my hat into the breeding ring. Chanel was bred to Utah and produced 9 lovely puppies.

Bella Utah and Lava
Bella, Utah and Lava

In December of 2007, we relocated to Ontario Canada. We bred Chanel to Ch Faberts For Your Eyes Only in January 2008. She produced 10 stunning puppies. I kept pick bitch out of this litter and "Lava" became Ch Devonquests Hot Lava v Kalora.

Lava finshed her Championship quickly with several Best of Breed wins out of the classes over BIS dogs. She also won group placings on her way to being a Champion.

In 2011 I bred Lava to Ch Cassels When The Storm Hits and she produced 10 puppies out of that breeding. She was bred again in 2012 to Ch Fabert's More Man Than Most and produced 11 pups. I again kept pick female from that litter and named her Bella.

"Bella", Devonquest's Bellissima, had a slow start in the ring due to a broken front leg, but she has almost fully recovered and currently has 3 points towards her Canadian Championship, multi Best Puppy in Group placings and Best Bred By in Group wins. Bella is taking a bit of a break from showing and will hit the ring in 2014 to complete her Championship.

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